Tuesday, 12 February 2013


2013 has now come along bringing new opportunities and hopeful futures! I have gotten sick of smelling like an abattoir, so I made a few calls and I am now working a few days at Texture in London. However this is only work experience, but exciting nether the less! 

The studio is only small. The are currently only showcasing a small region of work, but I am still to find out more about this company. Here is a link to their site, texture.uk.com. They are part of a much larger company that has been running for a considerable amount of time. Factory is an award winning audio studio that is widely used for advertising, but has worked in radio, tv and music. There is also SIREN, which is a audio composing and producing studio. Here is the gateway as it were to all of the websites, factory.uk.com.

At Texture they deal with a lot more than 3D based works, they seem to mostly use 2D elements, which is something I have always been keen on. Though I have never had the opportunities to flourish as I have done in 3D (aside from photoshop).

I am quite certain that all of you know that all studios use different software packages, therefore if you wish to work for them you may need to adapt your skills/knowledge. I have started learning Cinema 4D ready for my work placement.

Now I don't want to let this turn into a full blown review, so I will try and keep things short and sweet.

I quickly found staring at this new interface somewhat daunting  but after a couple of tutorials I have become at peace with the frustrations. I find so far, that the interface is lacking a tiny bit in comparison with Maya. there is also a few tools that I miss, but it has its plus sides too. The hot keys are also all over the place, which will take some getting used to, and I am sure annoying when it come to switching between software.

I find the move tool very nice, and the program seems to be somewhat filtered to be more understandable. I am still eager to dive into the depths of this CG suit and find out a few more pros and cons.

For now I have settled on making a small object as a 'test'. I love the reflections in the textures, they are very easily controlled and bring out some great results, however the other material attributes and somewhat daunting at this stage. Yet, practice makes perfect!

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