This is my 3D modelling and animation demo reel. It is displaying what I believe to be my best works during my years at university.

The works from appearance:

- Mountain Reach, part of a series of 3d stills based upon Shen Zhou's 'Poet Upon a Mountaintop'

-Chinese garden wall. An installment of 'Mountain Reach'

-Poet Upon a Mountaintop, My CG remake of Zhous original work

-Rudy, A 3D model of a realistic human body. All the research and anatomical references are from the book called Grey's Anatomy

-Jet Man, an entry into E4s 2011 esting competition.

-Boggis' Car, an installment into a transcription project based upon Roald Dahl's Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life

-Rummins' House, yet another installment into my adaptation of Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life

-Mycena Mushroom. This is a 3D representation of a microscopic level of detail of what goes on in a mushrooms life cycle

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