Thursday, 15 November 2012

Portal: An Environment Project.

This is an idea that I was ready to take up after finishing university, I really want to create something different and yet beautiful in 3D. With no investment in a graphics tablet, I thought it would be a good idea to source an inspiration from another artist.

I stumbled across this picture while browsing Deviantart. I really like the play on perspective inside this image; it’s also an interesting and captivating composition, but what I really like this image for is its challenge for a 3d transcription.

The artist Thomaswievegg seems to be a talented and experimental illustrator. Although this is not one of his best works it is still quite impressive, it has atmosphere and a lovely fantasy interpretation.

This is the block out, lighting and camera set up. I cannot quite match the image but I think that is bound to happen, as the image may not be correct in its perspective.

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