Thursday, 15 November 2012

My current showreel

As the real job hunt begins, I thought it would be a good idea to get my show-reel done and dusted! About time! I've really enjoyed going back over the years, some great nostalgia was kicked up. Anyway, here is the finished product.

After a few edits I think that this is the strongest one. As I have learnt from talking to friends and listening to all of the guest tutors that I have met, the key to get the viewers’ attention is simple. The reel is not as much of a big deal to them as it is to you, I believe that it is easy to flick through someone else’s work when you do not feel a great deal of interest in it. Thus putting your best work at the beginning and reminding them who you are at the end is a sound idea!

I thought it would be nice for comparison to upload the first edit too.

As you can see, I have added and deleted some shots, cut down and rearranged it all. One of my favourite parts of this little project was going over some first year work. My last project in my first year was 'The Life Cycle of a Mycena Mushroom', I opened it all up again and applied what I have learnt since then to try and make it a little more presentable.

Here is the original mushroom video.

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